Sunday, December 23, 2012

Donation Drive Results

For the last month Jessie Fifer, Angelique Vierhout, and I (on behalf of Laser and Dreadful Sounds) have been collecting donations for homeless young adults who have aged out of the foster care system and are transitioning into their first apartments, or college, or first jobs, even some with first babies.  

Your overwhelming amount of support and generosity has yielded some astonishing results!

Pictured above is just an example of one bag out of twelve for six boys and six girls.  There is everything from brand new clothes, to bath products, candy, school supplies, baking supplies, coffee mugs, water bottles, make-up, razors, new hats/scarves/gloves for each kid, wallets, bags, gift certificates, a water bottle and coffee mug for everyone, a pair of movie tickets for each kid, YOU NAME IT!  Not pictured: dozens of linens, towels, bath mats, and extra clothes, as well as bulky appliances that were given directly to the center for distribution at a later time to new kids.

These folks are going to have a very special holiday this year, and all thanks to your gracious gifts!  

Sorting things this morning was a little crazy...

However the party and donation drive last night raised a TON and much fun was had by all.  Check it out!

Drum roll please!  
The grand totals are:

$685 in gift certificates and cash! 

There is actually double the amount of GCs pictured above that had already been delivered to the center.  Not pictured:  20 +/- bags of clothes, tons of towels and sheets and blankets, and some extra bath and kitchen stuff which will all be distributed by the center to the young adults in the near future.  

Area businesses such as Moosejaw, Moxie's, Fernbird, SoBo, 8 Bit Apparel, Embassy, Sugardaddies, Earth Elements,  Bath & Body Works, State of Face Make-up Artistry and friends have donated approximately $3,000 worth of in-kind donations like the ones pictured up top!  

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and donated!  Your support was overwhelming!  Happy holidays and thank you profusely for making this donation drive a resounding success!

- Kate and Laser

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  1. Awesome. So glad this was successful. Looks like a really nice variety of items that could be useful to a young person starting out on their own.