Saturday, July 27, 2013

Going Out of Business Sale - This Weekend ONLY

It is with heavy hearts today that we must announce Dreadful Sounds will be closing its doors tomorrow at 6:00 pm for the last time.  These last three years proved punks can do anything we set our minds to, unfortunately the situation now calls for a fresh start.  We are so grateful and proud of our community for standing by us through the difficult days, Laser and I will never forget how much you have done for us individually and for our shop.  

Please come by the store today until 8:00 pm, and tomorrow 12:00-6:00 pm, for our "going out of business sale".  25% off EVERYTHING today and tomorrow only.  Stop by and say goodbye.  

The shows that are booked on the 31st (GONERS, BRAT CURSE, and a SOLO SET by STEVE CIOLEK FROM THE SIDEKICKS 7:00-10:00 pm 7/31/13 $5 suggested donation) and the 7th (ENABLER, COLD EYES, and BLACK ANTLER 8/7/13 5:00-8:00 pm $5 suggested donation) will still happen as planned, just as house shows - BYOB, as always.  Thank you all for your support and we are truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.   

-Kate & Laser  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DÜNGEÖN FEST: Ohio noise - feat. DJ Kevin Failure


Dreadful Sounds is excited to present our first all day Ohio noise fest featuring DJ Kevin Failure and some of the most stimulating noise musicians from around the state.  DÜNGEÖN FEST will bring together the noise scenes from Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Cleveland.

Unexpectedly, we have had to make a change of venue.  The entire fest will now be located at The Summit (2216 Summit Street, Columbus, OH) with performances throughout the day from 4:00 pm - 1:00 am. We'll have drink and food specials for you, Dreadful Sounds mobile pop-up shop, and a program guide with the schedule and a map of the area's attractions for the out-of-towners.  We'll be doing wristbands to allow for easy re-entry at the venue, as well.   

Tickets will be available at Dreadful Sounds for just $8.00 starting May 1st, and on the day of for $10.00.  If you'd like to have them mailed to you, please PayPal $8.50/ticket to and we can either hold them will-call, or mail them to you ahead of time.

Please contact, or on the facebook page, if you have questions.

Invite yourself to the Facebook event for all the current news and information.


*Tyrant Manque (

*Mike Shiflet (

*Whore's Skeleton (

*Paleface Destroyers (

*Sorcerer Torturer (

*Whoracle of Delco (from Dayton)

*Developer (

*Cavernous Body (

*The Church of Starry Wisdom (Lovecraft-worship noise from Columbus)

*Plague Mother (

*Akerlarre (

*Shrive (

*Clavicula Salomonis (Cincy)

*Zijnzijn Zijnzijn ( )

*Wm. Condon (

*bbob & rrryan  collab (tape 905

*Mumber Toes (harsh noise

*Murderous Vision (

*Quills (

*Muscle Puzzle (

*Mark Van Fleet (formerly of Sword Heaven)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Dreadful Sounds + Olliver Gives You: Dreadful Smells

We are excited to introduce our signature scent candles, Dreadful Smells, our new collaboration with Olliver!

These beer, leather jacket, and herb scented candles will transport you back to the punk and metal record store with one whiff, "think hops, with the crisp smell of new leather, with undertones of basil, herbs, and fruits," says Scott Niemet, the candle's mastermind. Trust me, they smell really good, and burn forever - we didn't time them yet, but we burned the prototype in the shop for 8 hrs/day for two weeks at least.  We are all very proud of this exciting new venture, and we hope you guys check it out and love it as much as we do!

Each candle is a hefty 12 oz, made in DIY recycled cans, vegan, soy wax, and only $15!  Out of town friends and fans can purchase them online here, or stop by the shop and check them out today! More sizes coming soon.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pay-to-Play GO AWAY

You may have seen our facebook post about the predatory practice called pay-to-play and the recent uprising against it in our local community, but if not, here it is:

"In light of the recent upheaval regarding Pay-To-Play style promotion of shows, Dreadful Sounds would like to extend the following offer to any/all bands who are subjected to such predatory practices:
We will handle your ticket sales for you at NO EXTRA CHARGE.
If you hate trying to hustle around and annoying 50 people to buy tickets, and feeling pressure from promoters, let us do the work for you. You can just drop them off at the store,and tell your fans to come buy them here. We will also help promote your show through Facebook and flyers in the store.
You can also set up an in-store show. You may not get paid but your fans can come and see you for free WITHOUT all the hassle. We are open to all types of heavy/loud/independent/underground/local music, so don't be afraid to hit us up.
Please SHARE this as much as possible and on any local/regional band's page that is subjected to this type of thing.

You may have also heard of some of the protesting that occurred yesterday, if not, here is a link to the inaugural post in RageFancy .

 Keep up the good work, Columbus!  Dreadful Sounds loves you all.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

S.O.S. Date Auction w/ MC Rachel Gordon and DJs Sweet Tits & Candy Nips at Carabar 1/24

Maybe you've heard about some of the struggles we've been having at the shop lately and want to know how you can help?  The most awesome thing you could do is tell everyone you know about this Date Auction we're having at Carabar next Thursday the 24th at 9:00, and then come out and bid on your friends, secret crushes, favorite local celebrity, or a total stranger and snag yourself a Valentine's day date!  Rachael Gordon of CD102.5 will be MCing and auctioneering the event.  Come drink drinks, buy records, bid on buddies, and party all night for fun and to help us keep the lights on!

Sneak Peek of who's going on the auction block (check back later for more to come):

This is Columbus' own Massie Lawson, the little sass with class and a nice ass. Massie was born under the sexy stinging sign of Scorpio. A rare mix of culturally refined manners and country charm, Massie will scream lyrics along to Angel of Death in the car while wearing a fancy dress for an expensive night out! Intelligent, funny and voluptuous, this vixen will be sure to turn heads when people see her on your arm. Massie's passions are music, bunnies, beer, Obama, zombies and hating Lars Ulrich for his crimes against humanity. By day Massie is an Ambassador for the awesome Dark Horse Brewing Company, and by night she is a stunning, PBR drinking, punk rock socialite.  The lucky guy or gal who wins a date with this lovely specimen of a lady is in for the night of their lives. A date with Massie will begin with a romantic dinner at a fine Columbus Dine Original restaurant and end at a hole in the wall bar with a good juke box, and if you're lucky, a hot make-out session.

Ben is a single, 22-year-old, college student majoring in Medieval & Renaissance Studies and an employee at the greatest record store in town, Dreadful Sounds. He’s a total book nerd and metal-head, but every once in a while he can be a perfect gentleman. He enjoys fantasy novels, gory horror films, and table-top gaming.  His skill with languages will be sure to impress you, and if you'd like this fancy dinner date to be romantic, Ben can speak to you in French should you so desire.  Ben is offering one lucky winner a date at The Refectory on Bethel Road – his treat!  He is available most evenings and for Valentine’s Day. You should bid on Ben if you like good food and enjoy conversations about heavy music and medieval history, possibly in another language.

Meghan is a friendly Pennsylvanian valley girl who likes to laugh and have fun. She hangs out in front of dive punk bars and drink Bulleit, but a lot! She cleans up nice when she’s not sweating over a drum kit, so bid on her if you need a chick to make your ex-girlfriend jealous! Conversations with her usually center around art and music, and local gossip, but don’t worry if you’re the shy type, she loves to do the talking. Your date can be dinner and a show, but you may want to pay, because she is used to bummy ex-boyfriends making her come out of pocket!

 Dru “Strictly Business” Silver is the sexy shredder behind such serious Columbus acts as Locusta and Artillery Breath (check out those “guitar arms” girls)!  He also owns his own business, Guitar Lessons Columbus, and enjoys touring and traveling, going to shows, reading self-help books, cuddling, and whatever you cooked him.  The date will be whatever you guys work out.  He’s open to any adventure the two of you can come up with.

Eleanor loves Aragorn, but would never want him to cheat on Arwen, so she has resolved to be content with waiting for his twin brother (insert spoiler) who loves Human Women that like to dance the Twist, drink wine, cook with food from Carfagna’s, and regale them with stories of growing up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, being Italian, and reading lots of books.

At the end of the day Eleanor smokes very few cigarettes compared to other smokers, has been told she sings like an angel and knows the meaning of rare, medium rare and well done.
Her idea of the perfect date is good food, music, and re-enacting scenes from When Harry Met Sally while imagining she is in Twin Peaks and sipping neatly on Bulleit Rye.

You are bidding on local bald bearded and beautiful sound-man, Brad.  Brad is a Leo born on the hottest day of 1976. He does sound at Newport, plays guitar and sings in Battle Axe, and helps run the fabulous Club Sandwich. He is known for his supreme sense of humor and amazing partying skills. 

Brad Simkins is a native son of Columbus, OH, the greatest city in the world. He was raised by his mom and his three lovely sisters, so you know he knows how to treat a lady right.  Whatever lucky gal gets the highest bid on this stud is in for a night of pure adventure and pleasure. You will be the "star of the show" as Brad takes you to the same places he’s been going for thousands of years in Columbus where you will feast and drink like the queen and king that you are!  You and Brad will be greeted and entertained by Columbus' finest in local celebrities, artists, creeps, watseoids, drunks, bloofhounds, and musicians!
Brad likes Slayer, Jeopardy, long walks in the park, foosball, food, fucking, and fun.

Jen Ryan is one of Columbus's elite hipsters with her avid bike riding and employment at a local brewery. She loves long walks on the beach, roasting coffee beans, and trend setting. Jen is a total hottie, obviously, and loves to dress up. She dislikes wearing jeans, but damn they like wearing her. She is a talkative girl and won’t be awkward. If the date goes well, she might not ditch you for your roommates. Jen has secret connections at the Zoo that includes free admittance. Otherwise the tab is on you. As an added bonus, she is free after 8pm on Valentine's Day.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Donation Drive Results

For the last month Jessie Fifer, Angelique Vierhout, and I (on behalf of Laser and Dreadful Sounds) have been collecting donations for homeless young adults who have aged out of the foster care system and are transitioning into their first apartments, or college, or first jobs, even some with first babies.  

Your overwhelming amount of support and generosity has yielded some astonishing results!

Pictured above is just an example of one bag out of twelve for six boys and six girls.  There is everything from brand new clothes, to bath products, candy, school supplies, baking supplies, coffee mugs, water bottles, make-up, razors, new hats/scarves/gloves for each kid, wallets, bags, gift certificates, a water bottle and coffee mug for everyone, a pair of movie tickets for each kid, YOU NAME IT!  Not pictured: dozens of linens, towels, bath mats, and extra clothes, as well as bulky appliances that were given directly to the center for distribution at a later time to new kids.

These folks are going to have a very special holiday this year, and all thanks to your gracious gifts!  

Sorting things this morning was a little crazy...

However the party and donation drive last night raised a TON and much fun was had by all.  Check it out!

Drum roll please!  
The grand totals are:

$685 in gift certificates and cash! 

There is actually double the amount of GCs pictured above that had already been delivered to the center.  Not pictured:  20 +/- bags of clothes, tons of towels and sheets and blankets, and some extra bath and kitchen stuff which will all be distributed by the center to the young adults in the near future.  

Area businesses such as Moosejaw, Moxie's, Fernbird, SoBo, 8 Bit Apparel, Embassy, Sugardaddies, Earth Elements,  Bath & Body Works, State of Face Make-up Artistry and friends have donated approximately $3,000 worth of in-kind donations like the ones pictured up top!  

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and donated!  Your support was overwhelming!  Happy holidays and thank you profusely for making this donation drive a resounding success!

- Kate and Laser

Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Metal Friday vol. 3

Avoid big box insanity and shop small this weekend. Dreadful Sounds is opening an hour early, offering a mega sale on EVERYTHING in the store - details and Facebook event here .  20% off used LPs (including wall stuff) and tapes, buy one get one free on books and t-shirts, and buy two get one free on 7"s (including wall stuff).  Black metal blasting all day plus TONS of fresh and exclusive records - new and used going in the bins at 11:00 A.M. Friday.  The sale will continue all weekend for Small Business Saturday and Sunday!

Fuck Wal-Mart.  Shop Clintonville.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Art Comp: A Visual Mix Tape

On Saturday, October 13th at 7:00, Dreadful Sounds is excited to present our second annual art show Art Comp: A Visual Mix Tape.  Featuring the artwork of: Meghan Buchanan, W. Ralph Walters, Jay Mueller, and Tim Anstine.

Each artist has picked a band to represent them musically.  Meghan picked The Girls!, Ralph picked Traitors Return To Earth, Jay chose Shaver, and Tim chose The Utopiates.

The art is for sale and priced to go home with you, so bring your checkbooks!  BYOB and a hoodie!  Bands will be performing out in the back parking lot a la our Second Anniversary Showcase.    

Invite yourself here on the facebook event page.

Last year's Messages in the Wax was a huge success, so definitely come check out Meghan's all new work on Saturday!  Ralph will have prints for sale of his work, and Jay and Tim will be hanging original pieces for sale as well.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!    

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hey! Ho! Let's Sew! Punk Crafting Meet-Up at Dreadful Sounds

Dreadful Sounds is excited to announce our first punk crafting get together: Hey! Ho! Let's Sew! on August 5th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  Check out the facebook group here and invite yourself to the "official event" here.  BYOB and bring your projects and some records you'd like to hear too.  We're planning to make it a regular weekly occurrence.  

Records.  Booze.  Bitches.  Stitches. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Catching Up with Lydia Loveless

About seven years ago I met three sisters who were in this band Carson Drew.  Since that fateful night at Bernie's they have each become very dear friends of mine.  The youngest sister, Lydia, later became our first intern here at Dreadful Sounds before she got, like, famous and blew up.  Recently I had time for coffee and a catch up with Lydia while she was on a day off from crisscrossing the nation by van with her husband/bass player, Ben.  We hung out, and I emailed her some questions later that night.

Be sure to catch Lydia at her next Columbus performance on August 2nd at Columbus Commons!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Disconnections: Punk Singles-Mingle forum and DJ night with Scotty Niemet on 8/17

Brace yourselves, we've started a forum, and all so we can tell you about this new quarterly event we're planning!  

Starting on Friday August 17th from 7:30 - 9:30, Dreadful Sounds will be hosting Disconnections VOL. 1: Punk Singles-Mingle DJ Night featuring Scotty Niemet four times a year!  Chat in the forum before that about the cute person with good taste in music you saw at the shop last week or at an in-store recently, then come on the 17th to meet people, listen to all your post punk and goth favorites, and buy some cheap records together!  Moodier lighting, wine, and good music to converse about all provided free of charge

 Facebook event to follow once we get the flyer finished.  In the meantime, go sign up for our awesome new forum and help make this new resource a success!          

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Girls!

Sunday night of Comfest was closed by The Girls! on the Offramp Stage this year, and it was exactly the kind of performance that you always hope you'll catch at Comfest, but rarely ever seem to get to.  The band's energy was intoxicating and it pulled people together in just the "everybody hangs out with everybody even if they don't know each other" kind of way that is precisely Comfest.  No surprise then that The Girls! performance caught other people's attention too (see Alive's 10 Best Bands from Comfest 2012).  Please check out this video so you know what you missed, and you won't make that mistake the next time they play (Columbus Rocks the Cure 2012 at Skully's).  Also, I have it on good authority that you can expect a bit of a hiatus after the Skully's show for The Girls! for summer vacation.  Look for their 7" to be released in the next month or so, and stay tuned for details about the record release party we're cooking up for you guys!